Tyler Baum Frightens Us All

Tyler Baum has a brand new album coming out on September 30, 2022.

"Tyler Baum Frightens Us All" is 13 original, eerie songs including "Do The Scary Monster Dance", "Both His Hands Were Ripped Clean Off", and "Ancient Burial Grounds".

Inspired by his interest in the human emotion of fear and the accompanying feelings of anxiety, panic, confusion, and horror, Tyler has crafted an album best suited for listening to at midnight on a cobweb covered bluetooth speaker in a museum of gruesomely posed mannequin parts.

The exclusively private google drive link for you to listen to it now is right here. Some images for publicity purposes can also be found there.

The music video for "The Evil Scientist's Laboratory" will be released on September 15, but you are able to watch it now right here.

On Thursday nights at sunset during the month of October, Tyler will be giving spooky walking tours of The Old Settlers' Cemetery in Uptown Charlotte for groups of 3-5 people*. Meet at the shattered gravestone of William F. Strange.

*Ages 13 to 70. Weather permitting. Must be able to walk .3 miles, maneuver up/down slight inclines/declines. Walking tour will last approximately 40 minutes. No flash photography or bachelor/bachelorette parties.